Management of SCHOOL

Know about SCHOOL

Nowadays education plays a great role in development of any country. Many of education organizations try to increase education quality. One of the aspects of this improvement is managing of school resources. Our system is a major tool through this managing process by making a continuous communication between headmaster, teacher, parents and student. So in order to achieve that goal, we need a Website that covers the needs of all users at the same time.

For Students, they can view their subject's grades, contact with the headmaster and teachers for any complaint, recommendation or an absence permission, and they also up to date with all school's news or posts that publish by the other users.

Why use SCHOOL Portal

  • To track student’s grades from their parents.
  • Website to manage the different school activities.
  • Facilitate distribution process of courses and classes for teachers.
  • Grades entry process for students by teachers
  • To make a virtual community between the members of educational process

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