Perfect Platform for Employers and Employees-ZJOB PORTAL

Know about Z-Job

A Z job portal is a website dedicated for online information about recruiters as well as job seekers. A job portal helps both the job seekers and recruiters finding the right organization for the employees.

In the case of job seekers, according to their educational qualification, experience and their preferences, the Z job portal shows the list of companies to the job seeker. And, to the recruiters, provides the suitable candidates from a pool of lacks.

The objective of this application is to develop a system to enable interaction between employers and applicants. The determination is to allow communication between the interested parties and complete the task of recruitment quickly.

Why use ZJOb Portal

  • Comprehensive job search functionality
  • Multiple search option based on keywords and Location based search options
  • Friendly Content Management System
  • Appealing visibility with comfortable user interface and social media integeration
  • Here, we have wonderful and support team for all kind of support.

ZOB Social

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